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Room Acoustic Consultation

Optimize Sound

No matter how much one spends on high end audio equipment, unless the loudspeakers' interaction with the listening room is addressed, optimal sound remains out of reach. This consultation  identifies areas  in your listening room that can be improved either through repositioning speakers/room furnishings, adding physical acoustic treatments, or adjusting equipment settings with room equalization software. Get expert acoustical advice during this 90 minute session. Contact us for more information.

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Ultrasonic Record Cleaning

Latest Technology

Perfect Stereo can clean your treasured vinyl to help you achieve optimal sound. Ultrasonic vinyl record cleaning provides the most effective and gentle way to remove stubborn stains, ingrained dirt and dust. After cleaning, LPs are returned in MFSL inner sleeves featuring a 3-ply anti-static design. Large collections can be picked up from your home at an additional charge. Contact for more information.

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