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Linkwitz Holographic Sound

Playing in the room, not against it

Linkwitz Holographic : Discography

Simply Music

Linkwitz® speakers have surpassed most acoustical handicaps. They render music with authority, realism and a 3D like phantom scene.


Linkwitz speakers are engineered, avoiding any kind of irrelevant considerations.
Every piece on it is there because it is necessary, nothing more and nothing less. It is the desideratum for form follows function.
The drivers employed are tailored exactly to their duty. World renowned SEAS company from Norway took the challenge to implement Linkwitz´ exact and demanding specifications. 
Aside that, every driver is directly hooked to its dedicated power amplifier, avoiding passive crossover networks.

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Linkwitz Holographic : Discography

Phantom Scene

The term "phantom scene" makes reference to the special sound realism that Linkwitz loudspeakers are able to create in your room - or rather in your head.

Proved microphone techniques let the acoustic space to be recorded. How? Through the concert hall reflections when music is played. This valued information is encoded in the recording and they are there waiting to be deciphered by a true constant directivity
loudspeaker, at your home. When this happily happens, a magical trick in you brain occurs: music deconstructs into musicians, soloist, singers, percussionists, groups, individually distributed along the available space at your listening room, way behind your Linkwitz Lab loudspeakers.

Linkwitz Holographic : Welcome
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